Tuesday, October 11, 2005

some memories

As I think many of you discovered at her funeral, Kelly-Anne was so many things to different people. She was one of those girls who had so many aspects of her life that some of her friends didn't even know each other.

She was an ideal big sister to Kim, always looking out for her, encouraging her, sticking up for her, and trying to ensure she was on the right path.

To me, Kell was a friend through thick and thin. We first met back when we were in kindergarden and the Drummond family moved in on our street. We laughed and played huge adventure games with all the kids in the neighborhood. We swam together and took lessons in different sports at Thorndale pool. We went to elementary and high school together--and although we fought from time to time--we were always there for one another.

Kell was also an ideal daughter. She played many roles within her family, and her presence is sorely missed. Kell could always be counted on to entertain family and friends, and show them just how much she cared about them. The special gifts she would make by hand--especially for her family--are among the most treasured posessions of Kell's parents and sister.

Kell participated in many sports, and according to her friends from her many teams she was an indeal friend and teammate. During her relatively short life, Kell participated in Synchronized Swimming, Water Polo, Swimming, Rugby, and most recently Life Saving. She was also a part of numerous other teams in high school.

According to coworkers, students, and parents at the daycare where she worked, Kell was a fantastic teacher and had a knack for really connecting with her students. She loved what she did, and I remember a couple of weeks before she died she was showing me the lesson plans she had drawn up for the english as a second language classes she would be teaching.

The older folks that lived in her neighborhood also had a special place in their heart for Kelly-Anne. She was known to pay special attention to the senior citizens that she encountered, and even spent many hours teaching a lady how to use her computer to connect with her grandchildren.

Kell was kind to everyone she met. She was by no means perfect--she had her flaws as we all do--but overall she was a wonderful person and a great friend to all.

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