Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Memories of Kell

A couple of entries from the online book of condolences from Kell's obituary. (To see the entire book and read all the entries please click here.)

A memory from the parent of one of the students Kell taught:

"Kelly-Anne was a remarkable person with many facets to her life. I knew her not as an athlete or a team-mate but as a teacher to my young son, Zachary. She encouraged Zachary to express his uniqueness, to laugh loudly, to play boisterously and, most of all, to just have fun. She was a breath of fresh air, and her tragic death has left a hole in my family's hearts. What other educator would play air guitar with Zachary and actually know the words to "Summer of '69" to sing along with him? We were lucky to have had her in our lives -- and are blessed because of it. Doreen and John, you raised a wonderful daughter. I think of you and Kimberley often and hope peace finds you. And I will never forget Kelly-Anne. "

A memory from a fellow athlete and teammate:

"I became friends with Kelly-Anne when we were 11 years old. We first met at DDO synchro where we swam together for a couple years. We then played waterpolo together for another 6 years. Aside from Kelly-Anne's fun and outgoing personality, I will also remember her determination and perseverance to always do her best. She was such a sweet and caring person. Even after months apart we were always able to pick up where we left off, with the same warm and friendly conversations. I will always remember Kelly-Anne for her smile, her sense of humor, and the great times that I am so thankful we shared."

A memory from a dear friend:

"My deepest sympathies go out to Doreen, John and Kim. I will always remember Kelly-Anne for her crazy sense of humour. I wish I could go back to the days when we would bike home from Thorndale pool with our towels around our necks, or when we used to ride the school bus together. I wish that we could carpool to Waterpolo just one more time - even if she was a better player than I was! I wish that we could run through the sprinklers on the football field up the street once more. I wish that Kelly-Anne would have visited me in Nova Scotia - however driving together to PEI was a blast. And finally I wish that we could have talked more, but as we grow up and grow apart, it's not always possible. And so, those are all the ways in which I will remember Kelly-Anne, for the rest of my life. A vibrant, outgoing, accomplished, forgiving, loving, caring and happy person. Those are all happy memories to me, and I am grateful to have so many. I love you Kelly-Anne, and I will miss you dearly."

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Leanne said...

I just discovered this site today. I like you loved her like family. I have been so far removed as I am in Nova Scotia. The last time I say Kel was here in Nova Scotia on one of my favorite beaches, I think I finally have the strength to return there and just reminice about the absolutely amazing person she is. I am a better person for having known her.