What happened?

Kelly-Anne Drummond was a vibrant young woman in the prime of her life when she was murdered on October 3, 2004. She had everything going for her: a loving family, wonderful friends, a great education, a good job, a kind personality, and dedication to athletics and a commitment to physical fitness. She was not the kind of person you could imagine getting killed by her boyfriend.

Yet that is what happened. On October 3, 2004, after an argument in their apartment, Martin Morin-Cousineau stabbed Kelly-Anne Drummond in the head with a steak knife. He eventually called 911 to tell them his girlfriend had fallen and wasn't breathing. He didn't tell them why. And the paramedics couldn't figure out why Kelly-Anne was bleeding. It wasn't until she reached the hospital that they realized that she had a knife blade lodged in her skull.

Kelly-Anne was placed on life support and transferred to intensive care at the Montreal General Hospital. Her family was notified that she was in critical condition. The knife severed Kelly-Anne's spinal column and left her brain dead. Her parents, Doreen and John, and her sister Kim faced the kind of nightmare that no family ever should. The ICU was a mob scene as Kelly-Anne's many friends joined her parents, unable to believe what had happened. The staff of the hospital was unbelievably supportive and kind as we said our goodbyes. Kell's life support was removed the follwing day.

The days and weeks that followed passed by in a haze. There was a funeral to plan, a murder to investigate, and a grief so all encompassing it felt like you couldn't breathe.

This blog is about what happened next: how Kelly-Anne's family and friends tried to come to terms with her death; survive a murder trial; and ensure that her story was never forgotten.

Thank you for taking the time to remember Kelly-Anne.