Monday, October 03, 2005

One Year

I can hardly believe that one year has gone by since my dear friend was attacked. Though time has marched on, it is clear that life just isn't the same without her. It is so sad to think that her life ended for no good reason. I miss her every day.

What will I say to my children about Kelly-Anne? Every year of highschool Kell would write a crazy message in my yearbook. What will I say when they open up my high school yearbooks from each of our five years at John Rennie? What will they think when they see that each and every year she wrote messages to my kids from “Auntie Kell?”
Kell was a wonderful person, she was a happy-go-lucky girl who loved adventuring and having fun. She brought many wonderful talents to this world, and she is sorely missed. Her laughter, smile, wit, intelligence, creativity, and friendship will always be missed. She was a great girl, and I will never forget her.

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