Thursday, December 06, 2012


John Drummond, Kell's devoted dad, turned 60 yesterday.  A wonderful milestone birthday.  Hard for me to believe, really.  I remember his 35th birthday, 40th, 50th...

Kell loved her dad SO MUCH.  She would often talk about him in a way that most teenagers and young adults don't talk about their dads.  They would go cross country skiing together in the winter.  They'd barbecue together in the summer (and winter, actually).  And in recent years, they'd pop open a beer together at the end of a hard day.  Kell and John shared a love of sporting events, the Olympics, hard work, and being good to your friends.

I know there's not a day that goes by that John doesn't think of his beautiful daughter Kelly-Anne.  And I know he must have missed her dearly on this milestone birthday.  Since she couldn't be here to celebrate with him, I thought I'd post this great pic of John and Kell many years ago in honor of their special father-daughter relationship.  

Here's to you, John!  Happy sixtieth birthday.  We love you!