Saturday, October 04, 2008

Four Years

Sadly, the time has come to mark another year that has passed since Kelly-Anne's murder. Another year that we are deprived of her presence in our lives. Our friend was taken from us so horrifically, and the raw pain of those tragic days in early October 2004 continues to haunt us as we mark the passing of another year.

As time marches on I find that I don't miss Kelly-Anne any less than I did before. And somehow, the perspective of four years seems to make the situation even sadder. I honestly find myself wondering how this could have ever happened to my dear sweet Kelly-Anne. Someone so full of joy and life, eager to experience all life had to offer was snuffed out at the tender age of twenty-four. Unbelievable.

As a tribute to my friend, I have put together a new video on to celebrate her life. Kelly-Anne was able to make everything an adventure... Hopefully those of us that were lucky enough to know her will continue to do the same.