Sunday, October 03, 2010

On a Sunday just like this one...

Today is the sixth anniversary of the attack that claimed Kelly-Anne's life.

On October 3, 2004, Kelly-Anne had just returned from a trip to Italy. She seemed in good spirits outwardly, but her thoughts must have been consumed with the dark situation in which she found herself. Kell was in a relationship that had turned sour. She believed she could handle it, that she and Marty could break up "like adults."

From what we know, Kell's last day alive was rather ordinary. She was recovering from jet lag from her trip and resting after a busy week at work. She was probably doing laundry and getting her things unpacked. Knowing Kell, she was looking through a craft magazine or website, thinking about some autumnal Martha Stewart projects she would tackle. She was probably also plotting how she could save money--Kell was extremely thrifty with her resources and I bet she was planning on being even thriftier than usual after her expensive trip abroad... Kell was cooking dinner (porkchops) for her and Marty.

Sometime that evening, Kelly-Anne and Marty's landlord knocked at the door to ask after their rent. Apparently, some portion of the rent hadn't been paid despite the fact that Kelly-Anne had left it for Marty before she went away. Apparently, Marty had decided to "hold back" some of the rent money instead of giving it to their landlord.

I'm sure Kelly-Anne was upset when the landlord left their apartment. That kind of irresponsible behavior didn't sit well with her (not even when we were children or teenagers!). According to Marty, they began to argue.

That fall Sunday, only a few weeks before her 25th birthday, was Kelly-Anne's last day on earth. For reasons that escape reason, Marty attacked Kelly-Anne on that fateful night. Her injuries were fatal.

Kell's death was tragic. And it was senseless. By all rights, Kelly-Anne should have lived a long and happy life. Instead, her infectious joy and spirit were snuffed out by a selfish, violent, and volatile individual.

For Kelly-Anne's family and friends, the world became a colder, darker place on October 3, 2004.

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