Friday, September 28, 2012

Kelly-Anne in Pictures

When I think about Kell's life I can't help but be struck by just how much she DID in 24 short years. She was always moving. Always engaged in something. Usually something athletic. Rugby, synchro, lifeguarding, waterpolo. Kell couldn't really sit still. And she loved an adventure more than anyone I know. Above I've compiled a collage of Kell on some of her most noteworthy adventures over the years.

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My Daughter, Kelly-Anne said...

Oh Raye dear and faithhful friend! Thanks for updating your blog. I will too in the next couple of days. Just having a hard time believing that so much has happended in the past eight years.
However, I do know that Kell has been walking with me all the way !


Doreen xxxxx