Monday, April 10, 2006

Press Clippings--Part XXXV

Jury rules stabbing death was no accident
Apr 10 2006 04:15 PM EDT
CBC News

Martin Morin-Cousineau has been convicted of second-degree murder in the killing of his girlfriend, Kelly-Anne Drummond.

Martin Morin-Cousineau was sentenced to life in prison.She died of a knife wound to the back of the head 18 months ago in the couple's apartment in Pierrefonds.

Jurors delivered their guilty verdict after nearly four days of deliberations.

Morin-Cousineau shook his head as he heard the verdict.

Members of Drummond's family gasped and some cried quietly after the announcement. Drummond, 24, had told relatives and friends in the weeks before her murder that she feared for her safety. She said she wanted to leave Morin-Cousineau but didn't know how.

He testified they had been fighting the night of her stabbing, and told jurors the knife entered the back of her head by accident.

Martin-Cousineau claimed he was in the living room eating a pork chop when he threw his hands up in the air and the steak knife he was holding flew out.

The knife travelled through the apartment to the kitchen where Drummond was standing, and entered the back of her head, he told jurors.

Martin-Cousineau testified Drummond slipped on a soft drink can, and fell into the stove, which forced the blade 9.5 centimetres into her skull.

Drummond's parents say she's smiling down from heaven as a result of the verdict.

Martin-Cousineau will be sentenced to life in prison. The judge will decide how long he'll have to serve before being allowed to seek parole.

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