Monday, April 10, 2006

Justice for Kelly-Anne

Martin Morin-Cousineau has been found guilty of murder in the second degree. There aren't any words to describe how such a day feels. Though nothing can bring my dear friend back, it is a huge relief that her murderer was convicted of this terrible crime.


Holly Desimone said...

Dear Rachel,
I know the wait was long! I hope you can have some peace knowing he will never hurt anyone again! I know the awareness is beginning..
God Bless and take care
All the best in the future, I hope we all can take part in honouring Kelly-Anne Drummond...

Joyce said...

Dear Rachel,

Nothing will ever give us back Kell but at least we saw Marty held accountable. I will always remember your testimony Rachel. You are a remarkable young woman - courageous, intelligent, and articulate. Above all, you were Kelly-Anne's best friend, even in her death.

It is my hope that we will be able to remember how Kell lived, not just how died. That is my hope for all of us.

Thank You.

Martin, Caro & Noah said...

Thanks Rachel for your courage in going thru everything again.

Congratulations also to the family, relatives and friends who made this conviction possible.

Thumbs up should also go to the media for a flawless and continuous coverage of this case. It would have been easy to lose Kelly-Anne in a sea of bad news but the media did a great job bringing this case to the headlines.

Rest in peace Kelly-Anne and let's not forget...

Jaymie Armitage said...

Thank you Rachel for all the time and effort that you put into this blog for Kelly-Anne. I know that she would have loved it and it is a great way people can go back and just remember all the fun times that we all had with her.

Once again thank you!!!
From a friend and teammate
Jaymie Armitage