Thursday, April 06, 2006

Kelly-Anne at Concordia

One of Kelly-Anne’s friends (and classmates) from Concordia wrote me today, and she provided me with an adorable picture of Kelly-Anne in her element in the Concordia sound studios.

Here is what Jenny had to say about Kelly-Anne: “She touched everyone who knew her. Her ambition, her drive and her smile made the people around her want more from themselves. I wish I had known her better... This photo is of Kelly-Anne working on a sound project in the Concordia sound studios, I was working across the hall in another studio. We all used to spend many looong nights in those studios. But Kelly-Anne was always all smiles.”

Thanks so much for writing, Jenny! I really appreciate it more than I can express. Anyone else who has memories or photos of Kelly-Anne that they would be willing to share is most welcome to e-mail me.

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Valerie said...

Great photo and comments, the Kelly-Anne that we all new and loved so much. It is like a drink of water in the desert to see her in her element. Well appreciated and satisfying....