Friday, January 27, 2006

italy... in kell's words

Below are some experts from one of the last e-mails Kelly-Anne ever sent. She was updating all of us on her activities during her Italy trip...

Hello everyone!

I am in Viareggio and have been for the last week. It is a very nice place here, rich so i hear. Our hotel is on the beach, well across from it.

So far I made it to the quarter finals for surf ski. In the quarters I was with all of the aussie stars...I guess you could figure the rest out. However I had a wonderful race.

In the paddleboard and rescue board event and priority event in the pool I was just one spot away from going to the quarter finals: I was really upset with those finishes, however I did really well in each event...some personal best you could say.

The surf for the last two days has been really good...a little too good. I got rocked a few times by the waves...not that yes feeling i was looking for. In the end I surfed some good waves on my ski and paddleboard, even body surfed a bit.

I just ate a great seafood dinner. I shared it with Phil. It was 1 kg for 7.71 euros...all sorts of fish and squid.

I went to Rome on wednesday. It was wonderful. I went to the Vatican too and climbed to the top of the St Peters Basillica. AMAZING to be in that church, it is HUGE.

I will try to write again later.

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Holly Desimone said...

Dear Rachel,
Thank you for sharing Kelly with the bloggers who visit the site. She would be honoured to know your friendship is lasting in this special way! God Bless