Tuesday, January 17, 2006

coping with the aftermath

Over the weekend I was reading an article about how Sharon Rocha, mother of Laci Peterson, copes with her grief. I had to put the article down several times because it was so intense. Hearing her describe what happened when Laci was so unjustly murdered makes me physically ill. I haven't read Ms. Rocha's new book, but I plan to one day (when my own pain isn't quite as raw).

My poor Kelly-Anne suffered the same fate at the hands of someone she loved and there is nothing that can ever be done or said to bring her back. It's just plain wrong. My life changed that day in October 2004 when I was told that Kell had been attacked. All of our lives changed.

No one should have to live through this. Not the Drummonds, not the Allores, the Boisvenus, the Cagals, the Crebas, the Kuchinskys, nor any of the hundreds of thousands of other families of murder victims around the world.

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Holly Desimone said...

Dear Rachel,
What you say in this post is so true, no one should have to face the pain of losing a loved one?
I would like to think Kelly-Anne is looking down from heaven, telling everyone or saying, "What a cool friend Rachel is for making this blog, she is a true friend in every way that friends can be!"
I hope you will remember that Rachel, she will always be your friend in your heart!
God Bless