Monday, September 27, 2010

Some light reading...

Over the weekend I was feeling pretty crummy so I decided to pick up a fiction book for a little light, fun reading. I probably should have thought more carefully before I got into this one, though, because it was neither light nor uplifting. While My Sister Sleeps, by Barbara Delinsky, is a great book. But I wasn't prepared for the emotions that engulfed me as I read it. An elite athlete suffers a fluke heart attack and is placed on life support as doctors determine she is brain dead. In the end, the family must decide to remove her life support and let go of their beautiful daughter who was gone far too soon. Heavy stuff, particularly when it is a little too similar to real life situations you are all too familiar with.

Anyhow, even though it upset me, I did like the book in the end. And her other books are equally good.

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