Thursday, September 23, 2010

Seven Quick Takes: The Kelly-Anne Drummond Edition

Concordia won the Kelly-Anne Drummmond Cup this year. Although my loyalty to McGill runs deep, I can't help but be pleased. That is how it should be.


Hard to believe that nearly six years of my life have passed without Kelly-Anne to share them. Sometimes I feel like I am still in a nightmare. Once in a while, I catch myself thinking I need to tell Kell something right away. Then I remember.


My curly hair is getting decidely less curly every year. Why can't I have curls like Kell did? She had the most amazing ringlets. My curls? They are now close to waves and no product I find seems to make a difference at all.


The man who murdered Kelly-Anne only has about seven more years to serve in jail before he's elligible for parole. I can't think about this without having my blood boil. Seriously? Second degree murder of a vibrant 24 year old woman in the prime of her life and he only gets 13 years? What is wrong with that picture? And, more importantly, why aren't Canadians more outraged by their justice system.


I love the fall season--especially here where the weather is so humid all of the time. But as the nights turn colder and the days get shorter, I begin to think about Kelly-Anne constantly and relive all of the lasts. Last time I saw her. Last time I spoke to her. Last time she went on a trip. Her last postcard from Italy. Last, last, last. It is all so sad.


When Kell, Kim, and I were little girls, we each had a striped tee shirt (mine and Kell's were red and Kimmy's was blue, I think?) that featured a WWII era poster with a pin up girl wishing she could join the navy. Does anyone else remember those shirts? They looked like this. Anyway, I recently saw magnets like this for sale at the Marine Corps Museum and so, of course, I had to purchase one for me and one for Kimmy for her upcoming birthday. It made me smile. Hopefully it will make her smile too.


Not sure where I'll go from here with this blog. I haven't been posting as regularly, but I will still continue to update from time to time as the mood strikes. I know many of Kell's other family and friends check in here on a regular basis, so please feel free to send me e-mails of your memories and I'll happily post them.

Quick Takes are hosted every Friday over at the Conversion Diary. This is a grat idea and I've always wanted to participate. Head over and read some others if you are interested...


mydaughter, kelly-anne said...

Thanks for this post Raye. Please keep the blog up and running....we have to keep Kelly-Anne's memory alive and you have been definately doing your part. It is a difficult time of the year for all of us. This year Oct.3rd falls on a Sunday.

Rachel said...

No worries, the blog isn't going anywhere! I love having my outlet to remember Kelly-Anne. I also noticed the sad upcoming dates are on the same days of the week as in 2004. It is always heartbreaking when the anniversary passes, but I expect this will be even more so.

John Drummond said...

Hi Raye, Fantastic blog just love it. This year will be even more difficult for me as it will be the first time that the dates fall on the exact same days. I am trying to prepare myself mentally for it but I know that it will be very difficult.
Many thanks for keeping Kell's memory alive.
Love ya,