Wednesday, March 15, 2006


I don't think I ever saw two sisters that were as close as Kim and Kelly-Anne Drummond.

Only eleven months apart in age, these two were each others biggest fans. They were only a grade apart in school, and I can always remember them sharing friends, clothes, and good times--when they were little, they even shared a secret code language! Kell loved being the "big" sister and whenever she talked about Kim's achievements, she sounded prouder than anything.

I can vividly remember Kell saying things like "Rachel, Kim is doing so well in school! She is playing Waterpolo for Carleton, working, and doing great in her classes!" In one of our last conversations the day before she was killed, Kell told me of Kim's plans to become a doula. "Raye, Kim is planning on taking the courses to become a doula! Isn't that amazing?!" [Kim planned on taking the Doula course in October 2004, but of course had to put it off because of Kelly-Anne's death. She was finally able to take the class in October 2005.] Kelly-Anne and Kim always looked out for one another, stood up for one another, and supported eachother.

As an only child, I was always envious of their close relationship. They were always there for each other and understood each other better than anyone else ever could--as sisters should. When I think of their relationship, I think these quotes sum it up best:

"We are sisters by birth but friends by choice."

"A sister makes your life happier just because she's in it. She's a part of everything you've ever known or loved."

A sister is someone who believes in you sometimes more than you do yourself."

Kell's death has left a hole in everyone's hearts--most especially in Kim's.


Anonymous said...

I love and admire the kind of friend and "sister" that you were and are to both Kelly-Anne and Kim.
Although you have no sisters by birth, you have cultivated an understanding of love, loyalty and commitment. Deeply engrained, always ready to show it. Just like a sister would do!


susan said...

Hi Rachel, I have been following this amazing site and finally had to comment. All the effort and love you have put into this, has given her friends and family, and those of us who did not know her as intimately, a wonderful glimpse of the terrific person she was. How proud Kelly-Anne is of you, how fortunate she was to have you as a friend, and how lucky you are to have these memories - forever. Some people never get that opportunity in life. What a lot of courage you have,I admire you for what you are doing.