Monday, December 12, 2005


Another Christmas is coming shortly... sadly 2005 is another year Kell can't celebrate with us.

We miss her so much each day, but somehow the loss is more acute when we all gather together at the holidays and it is plainly evident that she isn't with us. Birthdays are hard, holidays are hard, Sundays are hard... overall it's wretched to deal with this. In an instant Kell's 24 years of love, life, happiness, and vitality were stolen away from her and from her family.

It is amazing how far everyone has come this year. Honestly, at this time last year I wondered whether we would ever be able to go on. Doreen, John, and Kim are each doing their best to ensure that Kell is remembered and that other people facing similar situations will have the support they need. I know that Kell would be proud of her family. I think she would be delighted to know they are trying to help others who are facing the same situation.

But it doesn't change how much we miss her...

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