Wednesday, July 12, 2017


Kell and I went through school together--from kindergarten through high school.  Strangely, we were only in the same class once.  Third grade.  It was a memorable year. 

I can remember when Kell and I were little, pouring over our parents' dusty yearbooks.  We read the messages and looked at the photos and found it all hilarious.  Kell decided then that once we got to high school she would write messages in our yearbooks for our kids.  It was pretty goofy, but something I'm enormously happy she did now. 

I was home recently and decided to pull out my own dusty yearbooks.  I was so happy to see Kell's messages.  Here is the one she wrote in our final yearbook, complete with colorful illustrations.  

She had so many hopes and dreams.  Travel, career, love, children.  So optimistic about the future.  "If I move away, just look for me on  TV or on the radio or in the newspaper."  That was classic Kelly-Anne.

Thanks for being the best friend I ever had, Kell.  I miss you. 

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