Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Happy birthday, Kell!

Today you would have been 33 years old.  I wonder how you would have spent this day.  Maybe you'd have been too busy at work to celebrate and would have deferred to the weekend.  Maybe you would have had dinner with your husband and children.  Maybe you'd be on the other side of the world in Australia.  Maybe you'd be the television producer you dreamed of becoming.  Maybe you'd have decided to stick with education and become a teacher.

Who knows? I sure wish we could have found out what life had in store for you.

I miss you, Kell.  I wish there was one more birthday celebration to be had together.  I'd give the world to plan another surprise party for you.  Or take you out for dinner.  I'd give the world for you to have had a few more years.  You deserved more than this.

Happy birthday to my dear friend.  Please know that those of us left behind still think of you often and miss you dearly.


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my daughter, kelly-anne said...

Thank You Raye xxxxx