Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Bon Jovi

I just got a new CD for my car in honor of Kelly-Anne: Bon Jovi's greatest hits.

I've been driving around these past couple of days rocking out to classic tunes like Livin' on a Prayer, You Give Love a Bad Name, and Blaze of Glory.

I can't help but think about Kell when I listen to these classic tunes. She loved Bon Jovi even when were kids and it brings me right back to a point where I can almost picture her doing Kareoke or rocking out at a lifeguard rant.

Can't close out this post without a classic Bon Jovi video:


LoisAMG said...

BRAVO Rachel. You are keeping Kelly's memory fresh in our memories. She was special to so many friends and loved family members.

LoisAMG said...

Bravo Rachel. You are a true friend and you are doing a fine job of keeping Kelly-Ann fresh in our minds. She was special to so many friends and family. Thank you for being faithful.