Friday, March 21, 2008

Parting Words

I remember clearly the last time I spoke to Kelly-Anne. It was Saturday, October 2, 2004, the day before she was attacked. It was the first time I had spoken to her since her return from Italy, and I was excited to hear all about her adventure.

She told me the vacation was great, that she had a good time, and that Italy was wonderful. But manner in which she described her experience and the tone that she used made me aware something was wrong. She just wasn’t her usual, bubbly, excited self. It was even more obvious because we weren’t just talking about the mundane or everyday—we were talking about the trip of a lifetime.

I asked her what was wrong, and she told me she didn’t want to get into it. I expressed my sadness that things were so bad between her and Marty that she couldn’t even be excited about such an amazing trip. She told me she agreed, but there wasn’t anything she could do and that we’d talk about it later. I said that was fine and told her that I expected her next trip to be one to come and visit me! She laughed and said that was definitely next on her agenda.

Although we ended on a high note, I hung up feeling sad and upset. How could this be happening to Kelly-Anne? Who was she becoming? What exactly was going on? I had so many questions and no answers. I didn’t know then that I would never have the chance to speak with her again.

After I hung up the phone that sunny Saturday afternoon, I went downstairs and picked up my mail. Amongst the bills and junk mail there was a postcard that Kelly-Anne had sent me from Florence.

I wish I had told her how much I loved her the last time we spoke. Mentioned that she was a great girl and a wonderful person and I was so lucky to have her as my best friend. The last time I spoke with Kelly-Anne wasn’t a particularly happy occasion, but I didn’t know then that we would never again have the chance to talk.

My life changed that day. Not only will I always miss Kelly-Anne. But I’ll never again be exactly the same person I was before her death.

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