Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Press Clippings III

Here's an article about the fundraiser on November 26th.

Kelly-Anne's friends remember
By Ian Howarth, The Suburban

November 28 would have been Kelly-Anne Drummond’s 26th birthday, and the fact that so many people turned out to honour her on her special day is a testimonial to her dedication to the cause of the Quebec Lifesaving Society.

The Kelly-Anne Drummond Foundation held a candlelight march and fundraiser in Dorval last Saturday, adding $8,900 to help train and equip aquatic lifesaving competitors. This was the foundation’s second annual event to commemorate Kelly-Anne, a competitive lifesaver and all-round athlete murdered on October 4, 2004.

“Kelly-Anne would have been proud to be associated with this project,” said mother, Doreen Haddad-Drummond. “This is a sport that she loved so much and it was her dream that others might have the chance to compete in international lifesaving events.”

Kelly-Anne had last competed in September 2004 in Vareggio, Italy, just before her death. Martin Morin-Cousineau, Drummond’s live-in boyfriend, has been charged with second-degree murder and is set to stand trial March 6th. If convicted, he could be sentenced to serve a minimum of 10 years without parole and up to 25 years in a federal prison.

“Kelly-Anne worked so hard to save her own money for that competition,” said Raynald Hawkins, Director General of the Quebec Lifesaving Society. Along with the $5,000 raised at last year’s event, the QLS now has some funds available for bursaries to cover training and travel costs.

Her foundation will now give other athletes a chance to compete with some financial assistance from the QLS. Quebec will be sending at least one athlete with Canada’s national team; Veronique Comptois will be competing in the February 2006 world aquatic lifesaving championships in Melbourne, Australia.

"This event means a lot to me, but her birthday will bring back some memories,” said Haddad-Drummond, who will also be a featured speaker at the Valois United Church, Dec. 6, commemoration of the 16th anniversary of the École Polytechnique massacre. “I am keeping busy now but when the time comes for her trial, I’ll be there every day. I’ll be there representing my daughter. I’ll be her voice.”

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