Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Great Big Sea

I went to see Great Big Sea. It was an amazing concert. I had a great time. But I also found myself in tears during some of GBS's best songs. Kell and I attended concerts together in the past. This time, I felt sad because I knew she would never hear the sound of her favourite band again. But, somehow, just for a few seconds, during the concert I could nearly see Kell smiling and laughing and dancing right alongside me…


Doreen Drummond said...

Hi Raye,
I like to believe that Kell was there beaming over you as you enjoyed the concert.


ChiLdFoOt said...

Hey Rach. I'm just backlogging and looking and some stuff.. That's so weird -- do you remember the GBS concert in 1999 at Metropolis? I went there shortly after I had some friends who died in a car crash. And I swear, the whole night I was like, "Wow, they're never going to hear GBS.. again.." (it was their fave band too.)...

I haven't seen GBS again. Nor even put on the c.d. in years.. just cuz its way too happy and it makes me too sad.

yOur bUd,

toE knEe